Sweet Corn Salsa


Craving for Manchurian …BUT, oily snack, NOO! is this your position too? then read on….
This healthy snack is a perfect substitute for Manchurian, Taste kuda Health kuda! ( kuda in kannada = ‘also’)

Time To Prepare  : 30Min | Serves : 3


  1. Sweet Corn (American Corn) : 1 Cup (Boiled)
  2. Onion : 1 (big sized)
  3. Cooking oil – 2 table spoon
  4. Ginger – Garlic Paste : As per taste
  5. Green Chilli Paste- Gring 4 chillies
  6. Tomato Sauce – 3 table spoon
  7. Soya Sauce – 1.5 table spoon
  8. Red Chilli Sause – 1 table spoon
  9. Salt – for taste
  10. Coriander – for garnish

Preparation Method:

Step 1: Heat oil in a pan and add chopped onion. Stir until onion slightly changes to golden color ( for 2 – 3 min)
Step 2: Add ginger-garlic paste and green chilli paste, stir for 30sec. Ensure the bottom of the pan does not burn
Step 3: Add boiled corn into the pan, then add Soya sauce, tomato sauce ,red chilli sauce and salt and toss it for 3- 4min

TaDa! Transfer the Corn Salsa into a dish, garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve HOT!



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